UltraQuiet Silencer Gel

I spent years trying to find a medium to kill first round pop on my silencers and to make them quieter in general.  Water is great, but it has its problems.  Water evaporates out of a silencer pretty quickly, especially in the heat.  If you are carrying the silencer around attached to a pistol, water will easily run out of the silencer and gains you nothing.  Water also has a tendency to spray out of the silencer as you shoot it, sometimes is sprays back onto you.  I tried nearly everything out there and discovered ultrasound gel. 


UltraQuiet Silencer Gel has several advantages over water.  First, it will not migrate out of the silencer.  It has a sticky property that allows it to STAY PUT in your suppressor baffles.  Secondly, my testing has shown that it is as equally effective, or BETTER than water .  Thirdly, after the first round is fired the gel coats the internals of the silencer very well, unlike water that pools in the bottom of the silencer.  This causes another advantage in that the entire silencer is now coated with a thin film of gel.  This further deadens the "ting" sound of the gasses hitting the internals.    Silencer Gel doesn't smoke like grease or oil based products.  I seldom worry about giving my position away while shooting paper targets, but while hunting prey with eyes, that puff of smoke is a dead giveaway to my position.  I have also not been "sprayed" with Silencer Gel like is common with other mediums. 

The AAC Prodigy gives the end user the unique ability to disassemble the silencer in a split second, so I was able to see how the gel worked inside of the silencer.  Here is what it looks like after a shot or two

The Gel burns off with continuous fire and lasts between 20-30 shots in a 22 silencer.  Watch this video to see how the Gel makes the silencer quieter. 


UltraQuiet Silencer Gel comes in four ounce plastic bottles with an applicator tip that is well suited for applying the gel to the blast baffle and into the rear of any non-center fire rifle can (where water is a suitable medium as per the manufacturers instructions).  The bottle is small enough to fit conveniently into any range bag or your pocket.  The Gel will not spill like water. 

Currently Out of Stock. 

NEVER use ANY medium inside of a center fire rifle silencer.  Sever overpressure may result and thusly destroy your silencer and possibly you or bystanders.  By purchasing this product users assume total responsibility for the use of it.  Read the instructions that accompany the product before using it.